© Radical Answers 2011 Made with Xara Radical Answers can also provide part-time on-site administration and technicians that will give you many of the benefits of having a full-time employee running your computer system without all the associated costs. Not only do you get the benefit of having someone on-site that has a great amount of experience to draw from, you also get someone that has been in several environments other than your company and might be able to provide a different viewpoint or solution to your current problems. Many company's get "Sold" down the river by a slick salesperson or an employee that doesn't know some of the other options. We pride ourselves on our practical and frank outlook on the computer world. Many times a little applied knowledge can save a company from thousands of dollars of upgrades. For a reasonable fee RAI will come to your business and help you evaluate your needs and find a solution that gives you the maximum benefit. Having relationships with International Consulting firms, RAI is in a unique position to provide consulting to companies that are considering sweeping software changes. Changes like implementing an ERP, infrastructure upgrade, or hardware standardization are all items that no company should go alone. It has been our experience that the better informed and involved the decision makers, are the more likely the company is to experience a smooth transition. We not only have CPAs, programmers, and system implementation specialists on staff, we also have people on staff with experience in Human Resources to help you avoid costly mistakes. We can help you avoid costly and potentially devastating problems that have affected other companies. Could your company survive total data loss? Most companies can't survive that kind of loss. What is a disaster? Hurricanes, lightening, Fire, Floods, disgruntled employees, and now to top is all off we have to worry about terrorists. Do you think the companies in the trade center planned on the loss of the buildings? Statistics generally show that few companies do. The companies that at least have a basic disaster recovery plan in place, have a chance in a catastrophe like that. What are you doing about it? Many companies don't have the expertise or understanding to design an effective Disaster Recovery plan. We can help!! Using several sources and a keen understanding of available technologies, RAI can help you design a Recovery plan that will enable your business to survive when other companies fold.