© Radical Answers 2011 Made with Xara If you are a company that needs a technical presence along the Gulf Coast and Mobile, Alabama area we can provide that for you! With our experience contracting for total management of two US-based sites for a large multi-national chemical company, we have the experience with large corporate initiatives, rollouts, and total support in a large or small environment. We are currently accepting contracts to provide local on-site or depot computer, printer, and network service from national companies that need access to service technicians along the Gulf Coast. We are currently providing the following services for companies:    1. Windows Server Support    2. Novell Server Support    3. Linux Server Support    4. Server, Desktop, and Notebook service    5. Printer troubleshooting and support    6. DSL connectivity    7. Major network design and installation    8. Assistance with data conversion and new application installations. We provide service that you can be proud of. We can provide 24/7 support, same day service with response times available as low as 1 hour. We also provide polite and courteous on-site personnel that your clients will appreciate.  Please keep in mind that we don’t accept flate rate contracts for variable time jobs.  We are concerned with doing the job the right way, not trying to do it fast just to maximize profit.