Footer Text: Lorem ipsum dolor A little bit about us Started in 1997 and located in Mobile, Alabama, Radical Answers, is a company with clients from around the US and in the Fortune 100. RAI is the company that is capable of thinking outside the box. Most companies and users were being forced into changing the way they do business in order to make the only software that was available to them work within their company structure. RAI strives to empower users and companies to break free of the chains of software tyranny. By effectively mixing both commercial and open source platforms RAI develops solutions that are not only EXTREMELY reliable but also usually involve savings that exceed expectations. We strive to bring the following elements to our clients:     * Reliability     * Security     * Simplicity     * Cost effectiveness In the past couple of years there have been multiple problems with software running under windoze. Many of these problems can be directly tied to the operating system and/or browser itself. It is the opinion of RA that most of these problems result from poor programming practices. Unfortunately, hackers and virus writers don't seem to suffer from these problems and seem not only willing, but also able to exploit these weaknesses. The end result is that an end user or company without sufficient support or experience is usually very vulnerable to being hacked or getting a virus. The consequential dataloss and downtime can easily wipe a company out financially. Made with Xara © Radical Answers 2011