We’ve been providing the best in customer support for over 12 years now.   Made with Xara © Radical Answers 2011 Worried about security at your business?  Wonder what goes on when you aren't there? Radical Answers is now installing LINUX based DVR security systems -  with up to 16 cameras, nightvision, motion detection, alarm zones, and remote access to your security system from anywhere via the web -  we can design a system to protect your business and your employees. Small Businesses take heart!!! We can give you the advantage of our Big-Company experience and knowledge to make your business more competitive! We can help you avoid mistakes that lurk just up the road for your company. With Open-Office alone you can save up to $500+ per workstation by not having to buy other office packages. Best of all Open office is compatible with all of the major office suites. Visit them and download a copy today at Open Office.org